.:گل محبوبه شب:.

.:گل محبوبه شب:.

بال و پر جدید

!!!am still alive

Hello guys,

I am not sure if anyone sees this post and would remember me or if anyone is still interested in checking this weblog

but any way,

today i've really missed my old days and all of my memories from my childhood in Iran, so I remembered that I had a weblog so I came in here and then I went through some of my posts and I actually liked them and learned something new about myself.

 So, I decided to write something and I have seen that so many friends tried to keep n touch with me and commented me but I never checked them and am sorry about that.

One thing that I realized is that I cannot write in Persian very well :( It's because I write in English since I moved to US. Honestly am not happy about it but it is what it is and we can count it as unfairness of this world that changes people and I cannot be an exception UNFORTUNATELY. 

Well, if you guys come here again and see this post you can send me a private comment and leave me a link to ur facebook or email address and I'll contact you.

I wish everyone good luck :)

ba ehteram,

Mahboob Asall

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داغون داغونم

امروز خیلی دلم گرفته

نمی دونم چمه؟

یه غم عجیبی رو دلم سنگینی می کنه

دلم می خواد بالا بیارم...

آخه چرا ؟

خدایا وقتی می بینی من تحملشو ندارم چرا......



تو که مردی حالا بعد از یک سال چه دلیلی داره؟



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۴ شنبه ۳ شهریور بود روز تولد ۲۱ سالگیم...

فقط همین.



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رتبه دانشگاه

توی دانشگاه سوم شدممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممم!

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دلم گرفته

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مطالب قدیمی‌تر